Dragon Boy

Full-lipped dragon boy

Claws hidden in old jeans

As he looks over the darkened room

And his stomach churns as

The world turns

Because he does not belong on the ground,

full lipped dragon boy.

Scales ruffled and windburnt

As he slips through the sea of souls

Between drunken clouds and floating people

There is no gravity in his body, full-lipped dragon boy.

Look into his eyes, he doesn’t belong in this time

His heart in a different place

And his mind thousands of years behind

And he doesn’t notice

Because every step he takes the world slows

Down to the beat of his little drummer heart

Translating to the bass drop as he

Drapes his ancient arms around tonight’s newborn


Taking her by the heartstrings

She can barely breathe fire but he hushes her

Promising a heat hotter than any breath

Full-lipped dragon boy, weaver of perfect lies and perfect dreams

She cannot look away from his eyes

Devoid of feeling, her mind reeling

Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

Fledgling child of the moon

Breath like ice, fingers trembling every

Single movement made, she loses herself in him

He takes her heart, his beats no longer

And leaves her to dry,

breathing in her wholeness

as she withers away before his eyes

his arms are ancient no longer,

full-lipped dragon boy

his claws safely hidden in old jeans.


fictitious fragments

Your eyes

Reminded me of hospitals

Cold and clean and caustic

Hard against the

Feeling of life

Scratching through

My defenses

Breaking down my walls

And carving

Your name

Into the inner reaches

Of my misshapen



Your hands

Did not tremble like


They were steadfast,

Moving worlds within

My heart and

Stealing from me

The most private of thoughts

Only to hang me

To dry

At the end of the world

With nothing to

Identify me but remembrances

Of blue and purple

Stretched over bone


Your mouth

Relayed the message

Of angels hiding in

The spirits of tinted

Bottles and songs to save

A burning soul

That only the touch

Of your mouth

Could extinguish

I was a comet painting

The night sky

Asking you to notice me

Among the hundreds of others

Plummeting to the


All looking for

A wish to catch

Before we are

Forgotten forever


I can only imagine

What your heart

Is like

And what faces

Populate your kingdom

A million miles

From the reach of my



Up against the bathroom wall, breathing in the remnants of crushed cigarettes 
Gasping groaning the world spins below us and my mind explodes a million colors across the universe 
It started with a look and you didn’t know my last name 
And it was just fine because when your lips met mine and a fire ignited 
Everyone burnt away 
And nothing mattered against the bathroom wall 
Breathing in the remnants of your cold soul 
Because everyone burnt away and we only had first names to warm our shaking hands 
Our beating hearts gyrating hips
Sweet nothings over a bitter everything
That we gave each other against the bathroom wall 
Breathing in the remnants of crushed cigarettes