I’m sorry for

all the terrible things I’ve done

they still keep me up

late at night

when the drugs set in and my 

body turns to stone but I

still hear the rip of flesh

as I plunge my knife into your skin

repeatedly and

I wonder if there’s a god when

your screams fall upon deaf ears

because I had lost mine

long ago

Blood drips down the sides of

my face and they paint pictures

of laugh lines

but I could never have laughed

at the sight of you prostrated

before me white thighs red lips

a chest wide open your heart on 

your sleeve

I’m sorry for leaving the blood

all over your bed when I

pushed you off the 

seventh floor and car alarms

blared beneath me people screamed

and I went back to bed

the scent of you lingering

under my nose

but you were all mine

and your blood made

a perfect perfume for your

sister when I

held her against the wall and 

took her everything her nothing could

compare to the way you clawed

at my face and drew blood

from my eyes

that feasted upon her body

as she swayed in the moonlight

the tracks of her tears

still fresh

when her dear sister

was taken from her family too young

too soon

I am still sorry

for all the terrible things I’ve done

when she rides me

and I see your face looking down

inspiring the invisible blade 

in my hands and I choke her

and I push her off the seventh floor

but there was nothing like you

no one like you

and the way your blood

spread out like wings before you

my little moonlight-kissed angel


Perhaps I am not 

so sorry after all, the world

could never

appreciate your beauty like I 





I am afraid to love you

Afraid that you’d find me

hiding behind pretty words

and castles of gold,

only to find that I was

not the person you wanted

me to be

I am afraid that you’ll

see the scars that paint my

skin and the blood that

lingers between my teeth

and decide that maybe I am

too broken to be put back




I am so afraid to fall

for your smile or the twinkle

in your eyes

because your words peel from me

bit by bit everything i

kept sacred behind lips

sewn tight and you kiss them

shackles fall apart and I

am scared because I’m falling

into your dark eyes,

feeling around in the night

and the crunch under my bare


resonate in my skull and I wonder

where you are when I

drown in the sensation of

me without you.

You say you love me more

than I love you but you

don’t know how my

soul has memorized the sound

of your name and repeated it

to itself so many times

every metal and element

is stained with the letters of




So please,

bear with me when I

cannot say I love you

because those words would be

the key to the oceans

stirred up in my soul

and I am afraid you’ll

get washed away with the rest

of the world

and I will be left

standing at my seaside cliff


where you’ve gone.

every day

It starts early morning in the inner reaches of my body
Building up and flowing out through my tear ducts my mouth my wrists
Tearing soul from flesh I am nothing
And by nightfall the demons leave what’s left of me
To put itself back together

fictitious fragments

Your eyes

Reminded me of hospitals

Cold and clean and caustic

Hard against the

Feeling of life

Scratching through

My defenses

Breaking down my walls

And carving

Your name

Into the inner reaches

Of my misshapen



Your hands

Did not tremble like


They were steadfast,

Moving worlds within

My heart and

Stealing from me

The most private of thoughts

Only to hang me

To dry

At the end of the world

With nothing to

Identify me but remembrances

Of blue and purple

Stretched over bone


Your mouth

Relayed the message

Of angels hiding in

The spirits of tinted

Bottles and songs to save

A burning soul

That only the touch

Of your mouth

Could extinguish

I was a comet painting

The night sky

Asking you to notice me

Among the hundreds of others

Plummeting to the


All looking for

A wish to catch

Before we are

Forgotten forever


I can only imagine

What your heart

Is like

And what faces

Populate your kingdom

A million miles

From the reach of my



Up against the bathroom wall, breathing in the remnants of crushed cigarettes 
Gasping groaning the world spins below us and my mind explodes a million colors across the universe 
It started with a look and you didn’t know my last name 
And it was just fine because when your lips met mine and a fire ignited 
Everyone burnt away 
And nothing mattered against the bathroom wall 
Breathing in the remnants of your cold soul 
Because everyone burnt away and we only had first names to warm our shaking hands 
Our beating hearts gyrating hips
Sweet nothings over a bitter everything
That we gave each other against the bathroom wall 
Breathing in the remnants of crushed cigarettes