Memories # 3

I haven’t thought about you in quite a while; but sometimes little things remind me of you and it’s rather face palm inducing.

The memories aren’t as clear as they used to be, but I remember the heat of the sun beating down upon both of our faces pretty clearly. It started with a text from when I was out with my classmates— I believe it was the last day of our junior year and we were celebrating. “I’d really like to talk to you.” or something like it, you messaged me, and I shook my fist at the sky as my heart attempted to detach itself from my stomach. I remember sitting by the church in the subdivision where you live, my fingers trying to find comfort in their mirror image while you sat about a foot away from me. We conversed about the usual things, and I don’t quite recall the details anymore; but I think that was you inevitably telling me that you didn’t feel the same way. I suppose the mind of a teenage girl is so capable of warping reality to its liking.

It’s currently 1.30AM on a Sunday, and I have this entrance test coming up and a million and a half things on my plate— but it was this manga (since I know you like that kind of stuff) that got me thinking about you. Sometimes I feel like falling for you all over again, especially when I remember hushed conversations that probably meant more to me than they did to you. Sometimes, I see your face and my heart leaps out of force of habit. I’ve always been fond of the way your name rolls off my tongue, but I’m content realizing that you are perfect, but not my perfect. Someone else’s perfect, the corner piece to their puzzle.


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